About Well Testing and Water Treatment Services

Q: What are your on-site rates? 
A: For residential clients my standard rate is $165/hr port to port.


Q: Do you provide free estimates? 
A: It depends, if the customer is starting from scratch and needs a complete work up then no! It takes a tremendous amount of time.

Q: If I already know what I need can I just tell you and get a price?

A: Absolutely! There's no charge for estimates that have been pre-designed and are at the bidding phase. Just e-mail me your detailed spec-sheet with all the products and part #s to be used with your design and I will price it out and give you a free estimate!!

Q: How much does it cost to get the design and estimate?

A: To be able to properly design a water treatment system we have to know what's in the water. To do this I need several things.

1. Well production and pumping rate if you do not have this information a well flow test would be needed.

2. Water analysis to properly design and reverse engineer a system. 

3. What are the customers needs and requirements?

If the customer has the above information, it still takes 4 to 6 hours to do the calculations and design which generally cost around $660. The $660 design fee is reimbursed to the customer if they go ahead and hire me for the job.

Q: Do I have to pay for A full spectrum Laboratory test?

A: No, the general Real Estate Well Inspection is designed for the basic real estate transaction and home purchasing individual.

Q: How much is Well test? 

Please see the well testing order page. 

Q: How fast can I get the Well test results?

A: The general production test results and equipment inspection will be known immediately. The laboratory testing could take 14 working days or more depending on the laboratories backlog. However, the laboratory will sometimes expedite testing for an extra fee.



Q: Can I call and talk about my system.

A: Yes, I am happy for your call. I need to know what you were experiencing to help diagnose the issue when I come out for the service call.

Note: Just calling for advice only..? A $45 PayPal reimbursement will help compensate for my time. Or you can call the Internet and ask it...:)